St. Adalbert Monastic Brewery in Břevnov, S.C.

The history of the Břevnov brewery is inseparably connected with the history of the monastery. It has been founded by St. Adalbert and the Count Břetislav II in the year 993 and soon after its origin the brewery came to existence too, as a part of its economic facilities. It was in operation with several pauses to the year 1889 when it was closed. The newly built St. Adalbert Monastic Brewery is picked up on this long tradition again. It is located in a beautiful baroque object of the former stables, its modem equipment having been largely produced by the Czech industry. The capacity of the brewery is 3000 hectolitres in a year.

Beyond the classical 12% pale lager a lot of other kinds of beer are produced.  Exquisite kinds of beer are archived. The beer is filled in the KEG barrels, in the glass patent bottles, in the PET bottles and smaller party barrels. All kinds of monastic beers are purchased as Břevnov Benedict.

Range of products:

Břevnov Benedict Pale Lager, 12.5% w/w, 5.0% alc.
Classical representative of the traditional Czech lager with balanced combination of body, sweetness and intensive, but refined bitterness with a perceptible hop aroma.

Břevnov Benedict Dark Lager, 11.7% w/w, 4.2% alc.
Beer with an expressive caramel character with remarkable bitterness partly caused by hops and partly by roasted malt.

Wheat Beer, 11.7% w/w, 4.2% alc.
Wheat beer of Bavarian type noted for its fullness, weak and fine bitterness and a typical weak banana and clove smell and taste.

Monastic IPA, 15.5% w/w, 6.5% alc.
Monastic IPA is on the border between English and American styles. It has a full body, agreeable bitterness and a remarkable citrus bouquet caused by special hop varieties.

Břevnov Abbey, 17.2% w/w, 7.1% alc.
Strong beer with higher sweetness and remarkable spicy and fruity bouquet. Its character reminds some of Belgian monastic beers.

Břevnov Benedict Imperial Pilsner, 20.2% w/w, 8.5% alc.
Beer which kept in spite of its large strength the character and drinkability of Czech lagers. This beer has been appraised as “Special Beer of year 2012”.

Břevnov Benedict Imperial Stout, 21.2% w/w, 8.0% alc.
The beer with marked fruit tones combined with the taste and smell of first-rate bitter chocolate. It is a typical dessert beer. This type of beer has been primarily produced in England for the Russian Czarina Catherine the Great.